Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Marjorie hits back at Claudine

MANILA -- Actress Marjorie Barretto lashed out at youngest sister Claudine Barretto, after the actress' controversial remarks that she no longer considers her sisters as part of the family and it would be better if they change their last name. "Hurtful! You are the youngest in this family but you treat us all so disrespectfully. From the eldest to the youngest you have never respected us. Enough is enough. I have kept my peace all these time. But this is too much. You have hurt me enough to last a lifetime. You can fool the world and make them believe that we are bad sisters. But you little girl... You cannot fool God. In time... We will be vindicated," Marjorie said via her official Instagram account. Marjorie said she will not change her last name. "Little girl... who gave you the right to dictate to us... To Me "PALITAN NA RIN NILA ANG APELYIDO NILA" I am a BARRETTO! I am legally allowed to use Barretto. You are the one that is a Santiago now. I was a Barretto even before you were born. You ARE NOT the head of this family. I don't take orders from you Little girl. I will not take orders from you," Marjorie added. The actress stressed that she is tired of her youngest sister's blackmail tactics and she will no longer allow Claudine to hurt or harm her again. "I am removing all power you have on me to hurt me.. I'm tired of your blackmails. You have caused me many many sleepless nights and I have cried too many tears for you. You Little girl... You can not hurt or harm me again. Never again. This is the last time I will cry over you," says Marjorie who added, "God is watching." On Tuesday, in a press conference, Claudine denied accusations made by her estranged husband Raymart Santiago that she is using illegal drugs. She also refused to comment when asked about Marjorie and Gretchen's involvement in Santiago's sworn statement. "No comment, hindi ko sila pamilya. Like I said hindi ko sila pamilya at sana palitan na din nila ang apelyido nila," Claudine said. In the press conference, Barretto family patriarch, Miguel Barretto said his daughters Marjorie and Gretchen can change their surname if they want. Mr. Barretto also challenged Gretchen and Marjorie to drop the Barretto surname if they truly feel ashamed to be part of the family. "Kung kinakahiya nila ang Barrettong pangalan, huwag na nilang gamitin, magpalit sila. Gretchen can use Cojuangco kung papayagan siyang gamitin ang Cojuangco, I doubt kung papayag naman si Cojuangco. Marjorie can use Baldivia if she wants kung kinakahiya niya 'yung Barretto," he said. "Wala akong magagawa hindi naman sila nakikinig sa akin," he added.

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