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When Destiny Played a Part : The Sasa and Gege Story!

True Love Waits!

Ever since Gerald Anderson confirmed that he was courting Sarah Geronimo. Many people have mix opinions about it. But many did not know how their love story started.

Before they never expected to be together in one project since Gerald's fans are opposing the said tandem.

Gerald Anderson has no conflict with Sarah Geronimo
  by Napoleon Quintos | March 07, 2010 12:05 AM 
 When stories went around that Gerald Anderson was being eyed as Sarah Geronimo’s next leading man for a  movie, many die-hard fans of Gerald and his ka-love team Kim Chiu raised their voices in protest. According to some claims, Sarah was reportedly upset by the harsh words said by some Kimerald supporters and what allegedly followed was the constant comparison between Kim and Sarah as to who is the more popular and bankable young star.

But Star Cinema and Viva Fims made a choice to push their first team-up together.
 "Produced by Viva films and Star Cinema, the movie—which is yet to come up with a title, has been one of the most anticipated movies for 2011 with two certified movie hit makers top-billing the project".

During their first movie "Catch Me I'm In Love" co-workers have felt that their still feeling awkward about being with each other. Anyways still during that time Gerald was still being link to his ex-flames Kim Chui and the very controversial love affair that didn't work out with Bea Alonzo.

By that time Sarah on the other hand was also fixing her broken heart from Rayver Cruz. So there is no way for the two of them to open up with each other. The best thing that happened during those days is the friendship that they had during the making of the film.

And who would have thought Star Cinema would give them another one without even waiting for a year or two. Destiny played a part and gave their supporters hope that they would end up with each other.
 According to Gerald his admiration to Sarah blossom during the last shooting day of the second movie "Won't Last a Day" whereas the latter opened up to him personally as they are resting on the side waiting for their take.

Since then they exchange cellphone numbers and texted each other from time to time. The usual "Hi" and "Hello" ended and turned out to be long conversation between the two.  They noticed their similarities when it comes to broken relationships and point of view. Both of them felt the need to get to know each other even after the promotion of their film. Other people specially reporters thought that it was for publicity purposes "Promo promo lang" , but Sasa and Gege prove them wrong.

December came and it was almost a month after showing of Won't last A Day Movie that people did realize that "something" is going on between the two. In ASAP Christmas presentation Gerald Anderson made a mark over Sarah Geronimo, the "Padyak de Gege" became famous to all the Ashrald Fans.

Later on their interviews reporters are asking about the current status of their relationship and they are firm on saying that they are just friends and if ever there would come a time that it would change they promise they will not keep it nor deny anything.

February; the LOVE month came just in time with Sarah's latest solo show "Sarah G. Live" press-con, Sarah was asked regarding her date last February 14 Valentines Day and if Gerald asked her for a date. She told the press she watch a concert by herself and ask Gerald. Following that was an interview of Gerald for a clothing company and he told the press that they did went out on valentines day but it was a group date.

The Sige-Go Segment

The staff and crew of SGL invited Gerald as a guest host on the show, but later on change the plans and put him as a guest on one of it's segment the Sige-Go. According to the production crew it was Gerald who planned that Yacht date to surprise Sarah, since their date last valentines is a group date and for him it's not counted as a date. The highlight of the show is "Hanap lang ako Babe" part, whereas Sarah unintentionally blurted out while looking for a song on the videoke.

Reports of them being a couple started and they are tagged as the "It Girl and It Boy" and "Babe Couple". After a week Sarah was surprised again by Gerald by guesting live on her musical show he told on his Kris TV guesting that he intentionally went to the studio to surprise her and also on that same day he received  his Birthday present from Sarah, an Ipad.

Meanwhile, Gerald's primetime bida soap "Budoy" came to it's finale. On his interview on the Buzz with Charlene Gonzales he was asked again regarding their real score.
He confirmed that he was courting Sarah Geronimo and she is the one that he wants and that Sarah is a wife material. Too many events followed after that interview....

Gerald went to Sarah's TV shoot...

Spotted at Eastwood....

Watching Sarah's rehearsal for SGL....

From Twitter: 
@GEROMEESGUERRA: Yun ooohhhh waaaah

@DIDOCAMARA: sino ang guy na ito na dumaan sa rehearsal ng sglive kanina?!

@DIDOCAMARA: its gege!

@DIDOCAMARA: didocamara: dumaan si gege sa studio during rehearsal while on break sa rehearsal din ng star magic us concert.

@IMCARLACRUZ: Gerald visited Sarah before airing live a while ago. Suhweet.  He's wearing Concordes pa. DAMN! #SarahGLive


If Destiny brought two people matter how many people are against it. 
What's meant to be...will always find a way...

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