Thursday, September 26, 2013

Jasmine no longer just Anne Curtis' baby sister

MANILA – Anne Curtis is extremely proud of her younger sister Jasmine, who is now making a name for herself outside of the shadow of the "It's Showtime" host. In an interview with ABS-CBN News on Wednesday, Anne said Jasmine’s early achievements are noteworthy because it reflects her potential as an actress. Jasmine recently won her first acting award at the Cinemalaya Film Festival for her performance in the movie “Transit.” “I don’t think any ate would ever want her younger sister to be known just as the sister. It makes me so proud, especially 'yung ginagawa ni Jasmine, teritoryo iyan na hindi ko pa natapakan. Parang na-miss out 'yung chance na 'yun pero si Jasmine talagang she’s excelling so much in that industry and it makes me so proud,” she said. Saying her younger sister deserves to build her own name in the entertainment industry, Anne vowed to always be there for Jasmine in all her endeavors. Meanwhile, Anne is likewise praying that her sister’s first independent film will be the official Philippine nominee in the upcoming 86th Academy Awards. “That’s an amazing achievement. I’m so proud of her and I hope na she keeps on striving for the best. The mere fact that it’s going to be the Philippines’ bet for the Oscars, I think that’s really major so all we have to do is pray na sana ma-nominate,” she said. Shot in Herzliya, Israel, "Transit" tells the story of Moises (Ping Medina) and Janet (Irma Adlawan), two overseas Filipinos who are forced to hide their respective children (Marc Justine Alvarez and Jasmine) after learning of the government's plan to deport children of foreign workers. The 86th Academy Awards ceremony will be held on March 2 at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles, California. ‘She’s my role model’ While the 25-year-old actress speaks highly of her younger sister, Jasmine, for her part, does not hide just how much she idolizes Anne. In an interview with Hola magazine in its premiere issue, Jasmine said she and Anne have really developed a close relationship, which was also brought about by their similar interests. “As I got older and got to know more about her industry, I understood her more. And that’s when we started to create a bond as sisters. We are making up for lost time now. There was never really anything to fight about because she always treated me like a baby. She was always very motherly,” she told the magazine. Jasmine said it is only recently when her older sister realized that she’s already 19 and she should let her do things by herself. “She has to let go of that image of me as her baby sister and think of me more as a friend. I think it’s because we didn’t get to spend so much time together when we were younger so she doesn’t want us to break apart so easily. And I totally understand it. She’s over-protective but she knows when she goes too far. She steps back every now and then and lets me handle situations,” Jasmine said. Saying she looks up to Anne in many aspects, Jasmine said: “I want to achieve all the great things she’s done. She’s my idol in this world. But of course I would love to surpass what my sister’s done one day. If not come close to it, at least, and feel the same way she’s feeling now.”

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