Wednesday, May 8, 2013

One Direction's Harry Styles Parties in Norway—Exclusive Details!

Harry Styles should never cover up those beautiful green eyes! But on Tuesday, the One Direction boy-bander did just that when he hid those pretty peepers with some kind of blindfold. Styles posted an Instagram photo of this peculiar moment, inexplicably noting, "I just graduated in Norway." While Harry actually was not the alumnus of the hour, he did join a bus full of Norwegian students engaging in a ritual bout of pre-graduation partying called "Russ" that lasts for three weeks. The average age of a high school graduate in the country is 19—and the legal drinking age is 18. Harry got on the bus around midnight "and we just kind of partied," reveler Michelle Fjeld-Hansen exclusive told E! News. "When he came on the bus, we just spilled some drinks on him and he got wet. Everyone jumps around and spills beer and everyone kind of gets wet and your hair gets crazy. We poured the beer on him to welcome him." "It is really crazy to have a celebrity that famous on our party bus," Michelle added. "We are partying for three weeks and this guy just comes to visit for two days in Norway and joins our bus. It is just sick, awesome, insane. It is almost like Justin Bieber coming with us." (And she would know—Norway is where a handful of schools postponed midterms when Bieber's Believe Tour came to town.) But how did Harry end up on the bus in the first place? "This one girl on our bus saw Harry eating dinner at his hotel [Holmenkollen Park Hotel] and she came over to him and asked him if she could get a picture," Michelle said, "and they started to chat and she told him about the bus and asked him if he wanted to join us." She said that she did get to speak to the Brit and "he was really nice. He was trying to speak Norwegian. He said, 'This is crazy. This is so much fun. He said he wanted to move to Norway!" "He was smiling and laughing," Michelle recalled, adding that he even serenaded the bus with One Direction's biggest hit, "That's What Makes You Beautiful." "He took a lot of pictures on his iPhone. He took a picture of him wearing the Insider headband and he put it on Instagram. She said that his bodyguards drove behind them the entire time he was on the bus, until about 3 a.m. "He really had a good time," Michelle said. "We hope all five of them join us after the concert." Along with Liam Payne Zayn Malik, Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson, he'll be performing at Oslo's Telenor Arena Tuesday night. And the boys, once again, have a request when it comes to the dress code. Only this time, instead of wearing orange, they want their Norwegian Directioners to wear ski goggles! "Hi everyone for tomorrow's gig everyone has too wear ski goggles in kiss you so make sure to bring them with youuuuuu #NorwaySkiDay1D," Liam tweeted Monday. He added Tuesday, "Hope everyone has bought there ski goggles :p" And maybe throw some Insider headbands on, too!

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