Sunday, May 12, 2013

Marjorie: How do you fight with your mother?

MANILA – For former actress Marjorie Barretto, this is not yet the time to talk about the rift that has divided the Barretto family. In an exclusive interview with Korina Sanchez on “Rated K,” Marjorie said their family would not have been divided if their mother, Inday, did not involve the media. Marjorie was referring to the statement released by the Barretto matriarch last April 24, calling daughter Gretchen a “liar” and even disowned her. “Siguro kung hindi na-involve ang media, hindi na nagka-split eh. Marami kami, pito kaming magkakapatid. Hindi naman kami tatlo lang. I know that in time, maybe someday, makikita namin ano ba talaga ang gusto namin ma-achieve as a family dito,” she said. Marjorie said she still finds it hard to comment about the controversy because it is improper for a child to fight her parents. “How do you fight with your mother? It's hard to comment even up to now. But siguro mas pangit sa pananaw ng tao than what is really actually happening inside. Pero ako, I don't know if I'm ready to talk about it yet,” she said. According to Marjorie, what’s important is that she knows who is really telling the truth. Asked if she has any Mother’s Day greeting for her mom, Marjorie said: “I don't know what to say. Sometimes, I don't even know what to pray about anymore. I just hold the rosary or my wooden cross. I know in time, I will know but it's not a good time right now.” Despite this, Marjorie is hopeful that her family will manage to surpass this controversy. The latest feud to rock the Barretto family stemmed partly from comments on the image-sharing service Instagram, supposedly made by Gretchen, saying that her sister Claudine is not happy that their niece, Marjorie's daughter Julia, is starting to make a name for herself in showbiz. Julia was recently introduced as an artist of Star Magic, the ABS-CBN talent management firm that launched Claudine to stardom until her transfer to another network in 2009. In response to reports on the alleged exchange on Instagram, Inday released a statement last April 24 denying Claudine's supposed plans to "block" Julia's road to stardom. In the same statement, Inday announced she has disowned Gretchen "in order to save one who has always been there for all, and with all of her love...Claudine." Two other Barretto siblings, Joaquin and Gia joined the word war. The latter sided with her mother and youngest sister, while Joaquin sided with Gretchen, who is supposedly in the same camp as Marjorie. Last Sunday, Gretchen finally broke her silence and maintained that she will not fight back despite the accusations made against her by her own mother and older sister. The socialite-actress said she’d rather not talk about the ongoing feud involving her family because it is fight that’s supposed to be solved privately. Claudine has yet to speak about the issue.

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