Wednesday, August 1, 2012

An Open Letter To Sarah Geronimo From A Fan

Many of the fans of the Popstar Princess, Sarah Geronimo reacted upon watching Sarah G. Live last Sunday July 29. The episode wherein the parents of the Popstar Princess was interviewed and was asked about issues pertaining to Gerald Anderson's real reason why the latter stop his courtship to Sarah Geronimo. Here is the best reaction that I have seen so far. Hope this gets the attention of Sarah, herself.


Dear Sarah,

I watched your show Live here in CA few hours ago. It was very evident that you’re very over-protected and dependent on your parents even at 24 years old. It is very disturbing to watch how your Mom was acting like God knowing His will for you in all things. Gerald was the only brave, sincere, loving and mature man to pay respect to your parents and court you at home, perhaps not as often as your parents wished, but after him, I doubt it if there be another braver soul to face them for you.

The least your parents could say were some kind words of appreciation for his efforts and not judge him on television . Ge always had good words for you and your family during his interviews, it says much of his breeding. I admire you as a performer but I ended up admiring Ge more for his maturity and sincerity. I am a mother of a 19 y/o and raised her God-fearing and with values as well. But I let her learn her lessons on her own, even if I wanted to dictate to her what her decision should be at a particular moment. I trust and give her a chance, and so far, she’s not failed me.

More than half of your lifetime, you’ve already provided, obeyed and shown love to your family, when will you allow yourself to be loved. Being in love is such a wonderful and fulfilling experience in life, and you don’t know when it comes, you learn so much from it, and there’s no such thing as a perfect man that he won’t ever hurt you. For your discernment, I beg you to seek the advise and wisdom from other people like Ms Judy Ann, Sharon, Ms Angeli Valenciano or any other older mentor outside your family that have personally experienced love and lived a happy family life in show biz. You can even ask the guidance of a priest. Your parents are somehow seeing Ge as a competition for your love and attention, that's why they can’t let go. Ge even said in one of his interviews “to understand your Mom bec you’re their baby”.

You have accomplished and done a lot in your career at a very short 10 years. You’re such a great performer, actress, host, endorser and I admire you. But you being in that spotlight, has shown us that at 24, you’re not consistent with your actions and words, afraid to speak on your own convictions especially around your folks. You’re trying so hard to be that perfect image but first you have to be true to yourself, to your own feelings, and views in life ( and not bec your parents said so), then only you can be true to others, to your fans, to your friends, to the man you’ll love someday.

God gave us this beautiful life to enjoy, He also authored love itself and created our hearts to feel such wonderful emotions, without losing our souls. Your parents being so tradionalists wanting you to be courted at home only and not through texts seems out of touch with reality and with the times. Of course, Ge should court you in your house, but they must also allow you to go on dates still with some guidelines because it would be nice to go on a dinner or a movie or just stroll and get to know each other. Besides, this is your chance to experience new things in life that you’ve missed out on. It doesn’t mean you’re going to do the “wrong thing” which parents are afraid of, but with proper discussion about saving your purity/ chastity until marriage, it can be done.

Just look at Nikki Gil and Toni Gonzaga, their respective boyfriends know and respect their boundaries, and it’s admirable and achievable. Texting and calling on cellfone are the ways to communicate now, what are your parents thinking? As much as you’re wanting to to tell your parents that you’d be obedient and try to please them, the episode with them last nite showed how very strict and overprotective they are of you, and that was very evident and made a lot of us very sad for you . Like Ge said, time lost will never be found again, live life, do the things you want to do, say the things you want to say, ( I don’t think he implied be rebellious to your parents and do whatever you like), take risks, be not afraid, trust God and those you love. Enjoy life, there’s more to life than just lots of career, popularity, awards, good family image, ( there’s no such thing as a perfect family even if you're intact), You’ve given so much to your family, to your fans, to your bosses and management. It's time to give time to yourself and what matters most to you.

My heart aches for Ge, he’s matured and appreciates all that he’s learned from knowing you and he might not be the intellectual man that your parents wished for, but it’s very evident he is the more emotionally matured of the two of you. The spiritual aspect is something that the two of you together can grow into and it’ll even be more fruitful .

Sarah, I am in my late 40′s and I’ve never followed a love story like yours and Ge. It reminds me of Sharon Cuneta’s days with Gabby, Richard, and made us relive our hopeless romantic days in our college years when we're in love ourselves. I believe that your team up with Ge was the most genuine so far out of all of them, bec it blossomed after the movie was over. You didn’t really need each other’s help to promote something, and that you each on your own have names established already. That’s why it was very clear and sincere to all of us when Ge started courting you.

Forgive me Sarah for giving you my unsolicited views but I hope this gets to you. Other people will say very nice words to comfort you but you need to know that this is how we see it from the fans point of view , and my intention is for you to learn there are well meaning people out there that truly care for you, your growth as a young, confident, woman with conviction.

Sarah, you and Ge are in my prayers as well as your parents, and the many fans out there who are a bit disillusioned like me, may God’s holy will be done!

July 30, 2012 at 10:17 am

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