Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Andi Eigenmann on maintaining a good working relationship with Matteo Guidicelli


For actress Andi Eigenmann, a good onscreen chemistry is not only spawned by a real life romantic relationship between the involved actors. But rather, she says, it can also be formed by simply having a good platonic relationship with one another. Andi during her joint live appearance with Galema co-star Matteo Guidicelli on The Buzz on Sunday believes that such was the case between them. Their upcoming fantasy-drama soap isn't actually their first project together for three years ago Andi and Matteo have starred on the hit fantasy-drama serye Agua Bendita. "I guess that just goes to show na nung time nga na yun bata pa kami even yung relationship namin, walang ano yun, platonic lang talaga," Andi clarified. But Andi was quick to clarify that it's not about the Fil-Italian not being her type. "I guess yung samin naman ni Matteo kahit na walang boyfriend or girlfriend kami nun. Hindi naman po talaga ganon [na hindi namin type ang isa't-isa] pero hindi naman po ibig sabihin na just because we work together we have to fall in love with each other," she explained. While she isn't entirely against those onscreen tandems that eventually fall in love on set, Andi underscored that for them, they can just be "amazing friends to one another" yet be able to work with each other with so much ease. This kind of simple setup however couldn't be said for Andi's personal love life involving the special guy in her life, Jake Ejercito. For the past, Andi has been very open in publicly expressing how special to her the son of Manila Mayor Joseph "Erap" Estrada to former actress Laarni Enriquez is. But for reasons she did not disclose, Andi, in a previous report, vaguely expressed that they can't be a couple just yet for she would first have to prove herself to some people, what with the controversies that she got involved with in the recent years. The most recent of which that Andi has repeatedly denied was her involvement in the Billy Crawford-Nikki Gil breakup, wherein she was tagged as the rumored third party. Despite all the recent string of events, Andi happily shared that she and Jake, who flew in the country recently for a day, are currently "okay." When asked for the progress of her goal to "prove something" to certain individuals, Andi noted that "there's no time limit for that." "Hindi siya natatapos, hindi pa siya natatapos but that's okay with me. What I mean is gusto ko pong patunayan yung sarili ko na seryoso po ako sa trabaho ko. Na mahal ko po ang trabaho ko and i'm not here para makabuo ng ibang buhay na hindi naman talaga kasali sakin," she explained.

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