Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Lady Gaga Makes Her Craziest Fashion Move To Date: A Full Face Mask in Public

Lady GaGa

See, the problem with arriving in an egg, donning a meat-made dress, and wearing prosthetic shoulders is that it becomes harder and harder to top your own over-the-top looks. Lady Gaga has officially taken one giant step forward in her own crazy fashion history with this Maison Martin Margiela face mask. That is a full-coverage face mask painted with black, dripping paint, and she's wearing it on a sidewalk—not a stage, music video or magazine spread. We honestly and truly don't know how to react to this situation. Is it ridiculous? Yes. Is it unnecessary? Absolutely. Is it somewhat dangerous? We don't know. Can she even see out of that thing?! But self expression is the point of all fashion in the first place, so whatever the "Applause" singer is trying to communicate with this maniacal mask is her strange choice. But if, perhaps, the message was, "please write lots of articles about me!" she certainly succeeded...

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