Saturday, September 14, 2013

Kris on love life: Hindi pa, text-text lang

MANILA - Is Kris Aquino ready to love again? During an episode of her show, "Kris TV," the host-actress hinted that she has been entertaining a suitor, whose name was not disclosed. "Hindi pa, text-text lang," said Aquino, responding to "Kris TV" guest co-host Kim Chiu's remark that she looks like she is in love. "Konting tiis 'di ba, kasi busy. Wala akong time kaya okay na 'yung text-text," she added. Costa Brava Cupcakes owner Juda Liu, who was a guest on the show, then prodded Aquino: "Meron na palang nagte-text-text?" To which the host-actress replied: "Oo. At least Tita, 'di ba?" "Okay lang naman mangiti, 'di ba, kaysa naman umiyak ako." Willing to date 'older' men While she admitted to being in constant communication with someone, Aquino said she is still open to the idea of meeting other men, preferably those who are older than her. Aquino, 43, said her youngest son Bimby wants her to date older men "so we won't kiss." "Sabi niya shake hands lang daw 'pag matanda. Sabi ko, 'okay, go,'" she said, laughing. Aquino then asked Liu, who is married to a stockbroker, if she could introduce someone to her. "Tita, willing ako sa stockbroker ah. Hanap niyo ako ng husband tapos call me," she said. The Costa Brava owner then asked: "Pero ayaw mo ng widower?" Aquino replied, saying, "Gusto ko, Tita. Payag ako diyan. I like that. I like biyudo." "Tita, walang prenup ah. Baka hingan niya ako ng prenup ah. Walang prenup, di ako pipirma," she added, laughing. "Kaso baka 'yung mga anak niya magalit sa akin." In an episode of "Kris TV" aired early this month, Aquino said she is willing to sacrifice her love life for the sake of her kids. Aquino's marriage to basketball player James Yap was annulled last year. She has two sons -- Joshua, with actor Phillip Salvador; and Bimby, with Yap.


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