Monday, April 8, 2013

Lindsay Lohan to Appear at Scary Movie 5 Premiere

Lindsay Lohan will face her mockers after all. E! News has learned the 26-year-old actress will attend the Scary Movie 5 red carpet Thursday night, despite her reported unhappiness with filmmakers after she was made the butt of jokes for her legal troubles in some of the flick's promos. First appearing in the promo for her laughable scene in bed with Charlie Sheen, another clip spoofed LiLo's previous ankle-monitor fiasco, complete with a fake ad featuring a women wearing a designer ankle band and the text, "The Lindsay Lohan Ankle Monitor Collection, If you think this is effed up...wait 'til you see Scary Movie V." Eek. But props to Lindsay for hanging in there and rolling with comedy punches.

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