Monday, March 26, 2012

A Very HOT Bianca Gonzalez on Esquire Magazine!

Esquire Presents: The Fun Issue with Ms. Bianca Gonzalez

When I first saw this cover I said wow is this really Bianca? I never saw her this HOT! Everybody please grab one copy now!

Also in this issue:

Experience Tokyo, survive Kabul, and learn how to shoot a sex scene. Esquire lists down an impressive Fun list with 81 things to do, know, and consider. This list has everything you’ll need to enjoy the brighter side of life.

Mon Jimenez shares what he’s learned. The advertising icon and current Tourism savior, talks about his “Mad Men” days, the truth behind tourism, and what’s next for fun.

Stay cool during the 100 days of summer. Upgrade your wardrobe whether you’re at the beach or at work. Esquire Fashion Director, Raymond Gutierrez, shows you Style’s summer secrets.

Get to know the woman behind GMA: Len Bautista-Horn. The former President’s spokesperson speaks out to Esquire, in an exclusive interview by  Twink Macaraig.

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