Thursday, June 20, 2013

/ Kim Kardashian's Early Labor: "You're Not Doing the Baby Any Favors By Keeping It Inside," Says Doctor

Kim Kardashian did exactly what nature may have intended on Saturday. The E! star had a medical condition that caused her to give birth to her baby girl five weeks prematurely, and, according to OBGYN Dr. Kathleen Velenton (she is not Kim's doctor), going into labor that early may have been the best possible outcome. Asked about the possibility of Kim having developed preeclampsia, Velenton said, "A lot of times it'll happen to first-time mothers and it's really characterized by having a little bit of swelling in your extremities, also some pain and headache, really in the late third trimester and the cure for it is delivery. "And sometimes early delivery, for the benefit of the baby and for mom," she added. "Swollen feet are really a common feature of pregnancy," Velenton said, when asked about Kim ditching her heels for flip-flops. "They're not necessarily something that would indicate that you do have preeclampsia, but we do, as physicians, take that into account." Velenton explained that delivering at 37 weeks, as Kim did, is "really ‘early term'" and that there are "few risk factors" that may arise. "Sometimes the lung maturity might lag a little bit, but really with preeclampsia you're not doing the baby any favors by keeping it inside, and really growing on the outside is what that baby needs." Watch the clip to hear more from this interview.

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