Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Gretchen, mother in new word war

MANILA -- The word war among the members of the Barretto family is not yet over with socialite actress Gretchen Barretto once again at odds with her mother on social media. In her Instagram page, Barretto told one of her followers that her mother disowned her to cover up for all her wrongdoings. "She has to discredit me to conceal all her wrong doings. May kasabihan na Ang kakambal ng sinungaling [ay] magnanakaw," the actress wrote. Barretto posted the message on Instagram after her mother, Inday Barretto, called her "evil" in a statement sent to Pep.ph. The Barretto matriarch was fuming mad after Gretchen called her "narcissistic" and her father "alcoholic" in an exchange between the actress and a supposed basher @bullygretchen on the Instagram page of her sister-in-law Connie Barretto. It was clear from Gretchen's replies that she believes the basher is her mother. And based on Mrs. Barretto's statement to the entertainment website, she also believes her daughter is addressing her during the exchange. In the heated exchange between Gretchen and the "basher," the actress threatened to divulge a "molestation" incident and also hinted about a theft in Miladay jewelry. "If you don't stop I will finally speak about the molestation. I am no longer the Gretchen that you can hurt nor can you silence me. I will go all out," Gretchen wrote, sarcastically noting that she is "blessed to have a narcissistic mother who is abusive in every way & an alcoholic father who made his 2 daughters work for the family ." "Remember miladay jewelry store? When you were hanging out a lot there & pretending you would help sell the jewelry ? An expensive piece got lost -- do you remember where you kept that missing piece?" Gretchen also said. "It was a big issue where that missing jewelry went. Miladay even got a manghuhula to try & find out where that piece went. I guess it's time the dayrits find out," she said referring to the Dayrit family who owns the jewelry store. "I have reached a point wherein it's time to protect myself. It has been 43 years of abuse from you . I will not take it. Respect is earned , you have not seemed to earn it from anyone of your children," she said, adding that "I don't hide my identity , I can own up to what I say or do. You are afraid of the truth" In her statement to Pep.ph, Mrs. Barretto explained about the Miladay incident, saying she "owned" the missing piece which was eventually found and returned to her. She also noted that the incident happened when Gretchen was only 8 to 10 years old. "That had always been her forte! Smear campaign and character assassination!" Mrs. Barretto told Pep.ph.

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