Thursday, September 5, 2013

Ke$ha's Crazy Cape Look: Sorcerer, Witch or Showgirl?

Ke$ha, Kesha

It's like Ke$ha's outfit is the start to some weird joke: a sorcerer, a witch and a showgirl walk onto a red carpet... The problem is, we're not sure which of those three looks the "Die Young" singer is trying to represent. Well, no, the problem is that a pop star is wearing a leather leotard, knee high boots and a giant sequined cape in public, but these days that's hardly news (ahem, Lady Gaga...). So, it's time for one of our favorite fashion games: name that style inspiration! Option 1 - the Sorcerer: Yes, wizards wear capes much like the one Ke$ha is sporting, but there's nothing magical about this black and gold look. In fact, it looks far more menacing than something Merlin would wear. Option 2 - the Witch: This pop star-turned jewelry designer does have a taste for the dark arts, but that usually comes in the form of edgy tunes not clever spells. Also, witches tend to prefer full-length black dresses to the no-pants look. Option 3 - the Showgirl: Nothing says Vegas like a leather leotard and fabric covered in sparkles. In fact, this cape looks a lot like something Liberace would wear, and he was the ultimate Vegas "showgirl." Our vote is for Option 3, though we're still open to suggestions. Tell us who or what you think Ke$ha looks like in comments!

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