Wednesday, August 28, 2013

/ Selena Gomez Talks 'N Sync Reunion, Drake's Cuteness & Bestie Taylor Swift's F-Bomb

Selena Gomez still had the Video Music Awards on the brain. During a busy 24 hours, the singer (who won a Moonman on Sunday) flew from the MTV awards in New York to Los Angeles to attend her premiere for Getaway, and although her schedule can seem exhausting, Gomez was able to let loose and have a good time at the show. "It was fun, it was good," she told E! News. "I had Taylor Swift , my cousin actually visited me, so it was good that I had her with me. It was cool that it was actually in New York because it's never been in New York and to win it in New York was great so I was excited." most fan girls, the anticipated 'N Sync reunion was one of her highlights of the night, along with Lady Gaga's half-naked performance. "I mean, completely. I lost my mind," she said about the boy band performing together again. "I also actually loved Lady Gaga's performance, I thought it was very artsy, very cool. I was impressed, I loved it. I mean, obviously it's her, though. She's great." Gomez, who sat next to her bestie T. Swift, was surrounded by plenty of eye candy, but there was one artist that particularly tickles her fancy. "I mean, Drake's always nice to look at so that was nice. Other than that, I was just sitting with my cousin like, 'When am I gonna be able to go to sleep because I'm exhausted!'" Did you hear that, Drizzy? But when it came to dishing on whether or not Swift really said, "Shut the f--k up," to Selena while ex-Harry Styles and the guys of One Direction took the stage, the star played coy. "Why don't you ask Taylor, I'm gonna stick up for my best friend. Don't try that with me." Girl power.

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