Saturday, June 22, 2013

What is Kris Aquino's approach to politics?

MANILA, Philippines -- Host-actress Kris Aquino said she wants to start from a low position should she decide to step into politics. Citing her observations while going around the country, Aquino said it's best to start making a difference "in a smaller environment." She said that from there, she can aim for a national position. "Kasi gusto ko talaga may body of accomplishments even if it's just three years, six years. Kasi sa pag-iikot ko, sa nakikita ko, you can really do a lot in a smaller environment. And that can be 'yung kind ng program ko -- naipakita ko na kaya ko rito, so baka pwede kong gawin sa lahat," she told reporters. The "Kris TV" host then praised public officials who started at the bottom of the hierarchy, including her brother and her late parents. "Bilib ako sa mga taong nagsimula bilang SK, 'yung lahat ay napagdadaanan. Ako, naniniwala ako doon sa ganoon. My dad (the late senator Benigno Aquino Jr.) started as a small town mayor, PNoy (President Benigno Aquino III) started as congressman, 'yung sa mom ko (the late President Corazon Aquino), that's an event that's historical, that only happens once in a millennium. So, titignan ko kung ano ang ganap," she said. As early as now, Aquino extended her appreciation to all the local officials who have offered to mentor her. "Thankful ako na kung gusto kong mag-OJT sa kanila, maraming pwedeng pag-OJT-han. Sinabi [nila] sa akin, tignan ko at kung kaya ko," she said. In 2010, Aquino announced her plan to run for governor of Tarlac, her home province. "I feel naman na bilang isang Aquino, whatever political career I hope to have in the future, it has to start in Tarlac,” she said. 'Strict conditions' In an interview late last year, Aquino said she will only get into politics under two conditions. The first, she said, is that she should top the surveys. "Yes, it's obviously a career path, but I'll only get into it if I know, Boy, that I'll be number one," she told "The Buzz" host Boy Abunda on Sunday. "'Di ba, sorry, ganoon 'di ba, nakakahiya naman kung hindi, 'di ba?" The second one is if she is ready to give up her lavish lifestyle. "And pangalawa, kung talagang sobrang selfless na ako at hindi na ako maluho," she said. Aquino believes that she already has some of the traits of a good politician, such as the ability to get along with different people and being industrious, as brought about by her career in showbiz.

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