Friday, June 28, 2013

Mom to stay in Kim's heart 'forever'

MANILA, Philippines -- Kapamilya actress Kim Chiu used her Instagram page to express her feelings following the death of her mother, Louella Yap Chiu. Louella passed away last Sunday due to an illness, which her family refused to disclose. She was 50. On Instagram, Chiu posted a photo with the caption: "You will always be in my heart forever." The photo featured a woman and a poem. It read: "Walking the journey of grief; sometimes feels as though there is no relief. When you died a part of me did too; and has left me with a feeling of not knowing what to do. My mind is scattered, and I'm in disarray' but they tell me that I'm going to be okay. It's hard to believe the words of some; when my hearts tell me that day will never come. I will hold onto hope and believe it to be true; and know a day will come when I see you." She also uploaded a photo of the sky with the caption, "One day." Early this week, Chiu faced allegations that she never cared for her ailing mother. The actress took to the microblogging site Twitter to express her disappointment over a blog, which she accused of publishing false stories about her. She wrote: “I dont get the point on why this blog site always ‘MAKE-UP STORIES’??? just for the sake of his followers. #respetonamansana.” She also urged the person behind the blog to get his facts straight since he does not know her personally. "Get your facts straight! you dont know anything,, #respetonamanpo," Chiu said in another tweet. Kim leaves for Thailand Chiu's father, William Chiu Jr., defended the actress after she left the country despite the death of her mother. Chiu's father said Kim would have wanted to stay for the wake, but she and her sister Lakam had to fly to Thailand on Wednesday to shoot a commercial. He said her daughter will try to convince the product owner and advertisers to let her return to Cebu sooner so she can pay her last respects to her mother. The burial is set on June 29, Saturday, at Cempark. He said Kim left Cebu with a very heavy heart. Chiu's father also denied the issue that the actress does not care about her mom. He said that when his daughter learned about the condition of her mother, she immediately came home to Cebu to visit her.

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