Monday, April 15, 2013

Sid Lucero hopes baby takes after mom

If actor Sid Lucero had his way, his firstborn would follow in the footsteps of the mom, musician Bea Lao, and not become an actor like himself. Sid is also convinced that it’s going to be a girl. “The doctor is 90 percent sure,” he told the Philippine Daily Inquirer at the recent launch of his latest TV series, “Love and Lies,” on GMA 7. “There are less intrigues in the music scene,” he said, “and more real people. But I will not force her into it.” As for his parenting style, he admitted: “I’m afraid that, with me, she’ll be super-spoiled. I also feel I’m going to be a stage dad.” Bea, drummer of the all-girl band General Luna, is five months along. Sid said she wanted to name the baby Halo, “whether it’s a boy or a girl. We’re thinking of a second name, maybe Eve, after my sister.” The 32-year-old actor added, however: “Nothing is sure until it comes out. Baka lalaki naman pala. It really doesn’t matter to me, basta healthy.” Back to work Sid recently resumed TV work after a six-month break. “I was so tired—it’s the only way to describe what happened,” he said. “I was in three projects at the same time.” The actor denied the rumor that he developed an attitude problem while working on the Kapuso series “Amaya.” He also denied reports that he was on drugs. “That was a long time ago, in high school. I’ve had enough of it,” he insisted. “You just need to take a break every now and then. You work hard, you get burned out. Next thing you know, you’re taking it out on your job and on the wrong people. I simply took a step back.” He said he learned a lot from his breakup with Bea last year. They reconciled shortly after. He explained, “I used to drop everything when I had love problems. I couldn’t function. Having a child would be the best reason to keep me on track.” While on a break, Sid managed to do an indie movie, “Parol,” with director Lav Diaz. “I was with him in Ilocos for two weeks,” Sid said, “although the break was really for me to take it easy. It was also then that I learned Bea was pregnant. So when I was home, I just watched movies, read and took care of her. She didn’t stop playing; I just became the guy in the house.” “Love and Lies” airs weekdays on GMA 7’s “Telebabad” primetime block.

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