Saturday, April 13, 2013

Charlie Sheen Gives Lindsay Lohan Rehab Advice: Watch Now!

What more can Charlie Sheen say about Lindsay Lohan? Reminded by E! News at last night's Scary Movie 5 premiere that he and his tardy costar have now been in bed together twice, first for this film and again on his sitcom Anger Management, Charlie cracked, "Right, third time's a charm. We're not live, are we?" Watch the clip to see what he has to say about her thighs, but we also asked him for his take on Lindsay's looming trip to court-mandated rehab, which must begin by May 2. "It's not my journey, you know," Charlie said. "I don't believe in rehab. I believe in detox, not rehab. But she'll be all right." Asked if he had any advice for his young friend, the been-there, done-that star said, "Bring a book, 'cause those places suck." That's actually pretty decent advice.

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