Thursday, June 14, 2012

Precious Hearts Romances 'Hiyas' June 14, Episode Replay

Silang, a fierce warrior from the ethnic group,Tanah. The begotten son of Lucio and Salve who is prophesied to bring the long-lost mythical precious gem in Tanah which is believed that will bring prosperity and reconciliation between the two raging clans of Lucio and Biano.

He fell in-love and set to marry his childhood sweetheart Giana, daughter of Biano, if and only if Silang brings the precious gem in Tanah. This is the only condition given by Biano for Silang before they get married.

As Silang journeys in the city to unfold the mystery of the missing precious gem, he will meet Sapphire Salvador. She is a very sophisticated but charitable woman and soon to get married to an elegible bachelor, Aldrich Zaragosa, who is oddly missing on their wedding day. Sapphire is also the unica hija of the owner of Gemini Industries, Donato Salvador who is associated and lead to the missing precious gem.

Silang and Sapphire will go hand-in-hand in search for the truth about the precious gem. Through Sapphire, Silang’s quest for 'hiyas' will fall into his hand as the two went into life-threatening danger. Thus, what they’ve been through will draw their hearts close to each other.

Part 1

Part 2

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