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Support and Vote for Jessica Sanchez on American Idol

All Filipinos in America Jessica needs your support! 

We all know that she was save by the judges last time from being ousted.  

So now  please support and vote.

How to Vote:

1.) Online Voting:

2.) Toll-free Voting:  Each contestant will be assigned his or her own toll-free number during the performance    show each Wednesday (except for the first week of the competition, the performance shows will air Tuesday February 28 and Wednesday February 29).  To vote, simply watch American Idol on FOX each week (see local listings for dates/times in your area) and dial the telephone number of the contestant for whom you wish to vote.

3.) AT&T Text Voting Each contestant will be assigned his or her own SMS/text message short code number each Wednesday (except for the first week of the competition, the performance shows will air Tuesday February 28 and Wednesday February 29).  AT&T wireless customers only may text the word ‘VOTE’ to the 4 digit short code numbers promoted for each contestant.  Only send the word ‘VOTE’ to the 4 digit short code numbers you see on screen, you cannot send a text message to the toll-free numbers.  



‘Idol’ bet Jessica Sanchez Gets Outpour of Support from Local, International Celebs


MANILA, Philippines – Several celebrities were as appalled as the supporters of Jessica Sanchez after she almost got eliminated on "American Idol" Season 11 during the April 13 results night—if not for the judges' save.

Before 16-year-old Jessica even finished her make-or-break performance for the judges, Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez, and Randy Jackson stormed her on stage and unabashedly declared that they would use the “one save” for the season on Jessica, believing she deserves to stay on the US talent show (despite receiving the lowest number of votes that week).

Local celebrities who tuned in on the episode have urged their Twitter followers to find ways to vote for the Chula Vista, California native.

“Nako nga pinoy gising at bumoto. Kung nasa US ako super vote ako. Diba madami tayo sa US sana naman iboto nila. She is soooooo good vote vote jessica guys;-)” Asia’s Songbird Regine Velasquez tweeted.

Trivia man and “Showtime” co-host Kim Atienza, meanwhile, posted: “all my US followers, please vote for jessica sanchez. there will never be anyone like her.


British Broadcasting Corporation’s (BBC) Filipino anchor Rico Hizon deemed that Jessica is worth-saving.

“Jessica @JSanchezAI11 is truly blessed. She's a talented singer… Let's always vote for her!” said he.

Comedian John “Sweet” Lapus put forward a comic perspective on the scarce votes that Jessica got, saying, “Nagholy week vacay pala ang mga Pinoy at Mexicano kaya mababa ang votes ni Jessica Sanchez. Pwes humanda na sila.#MightAsWell.”

One with the judges

Celebrities are likewise both happy about and grateful for the judges’ decision to keep Jessica on the show. APO Hiking Society’s Jim Paredes, for one, found the moment “heartwarming.”

“I am such a fan of Jessica Sanchez.. Tama ang judges. She is one of the best singers in America,” he added.

Another veteran musician, Ryan Cayabyab, is likewise impressed with Jessica’s talent, which earned comparisons to that of the late Whitney Houston and Beyoncé.

“She just keeps getting better and better, this Jessica Sanchez. Stuttering floored me! Mexican? Filipino? American? She is above all that. She is JessicaSanchez, 16!!! Tayong lahat ang panalo,” the Maestro tweeted.

Miss Universe 1999 first runner-up Miriam Quiambao enthused: “So happy that judges used their option to save Jessica Sanchez. She's really a great singer.”

TV host Cesca Litton was evidently passionate in her tweets about Jessica, as seen on this one: “If they didn't use that save on @JSanchezAI11 I'm pretty sure I would've stormed the stage myself. All the way from Manila.”

“We are all behind you, Jessica!” was TV host-eventologist Tim Yap’s assurance for the half-Filipino chanteuse, while model-host Georgina Wilson apparently got quite emotional over the episode, tweeting, “Omg Im literally crying. I've never loved any american idol contestant so much… she's the best singer in the competition!”

Meanwhile, broadcast journalist Ces Oreña-Drilon offered a prediction and supposition on Jessica’s fate:

“it's the stuff live tv just week all eyes will be on jessica &AI. She looks so calm&collected. maybe America wants more emotion?” she tweeted.

International love

This latest “’Idol’ shocker” apparently also moved some foreign celebrities. “Extra” host Mario Lopez was relieved that Jessica had escaped elimination.

“Thankfully my Chula Vista girl Jessica Sanchez was saved last night on A.I. Would've been tragic...She's the best singer there! #Truth#619,” he tweeted.

Pia Toscano, considered a front runner on “American Idol” Season 10 who got a shocking boot during the Top 9 week, likewise sympathized with Jessica.

“Still haven't watched Last nights episode of Idol last night.However, I am literally baffled that Jessica could've possibly gone home #idol,” said she.

“Glee” star and award-winning actress Jane Lynch, who watched the results show live, was amazed with the judges’ save on Jessica. She, too, believes in the talent of the youngest contestant in the lot.

“Boy was that a great move on their (judges) part. What’s not to love about this girl? What a voice! And she’s what, 16? And how humble she was, too. She just wanted everybody to know, ‘I’ve worked hard all my life.’ Pretty amazing. Oh my God the judges were absolutely correct, I’m so proud of what they did!” she enthused to “Entertainment Tonight” in its April 13 episode.

Likewise raving over Jessica is American singer-actress Jennifer Holliday, who is famous for the classic, “And I’m Telling You I’m Not Going.”


Jazmine Sullivan, the original singer of Jessica’s Top 7 song “Stuttering,” was also awed by the latter’s performance “just saw the j. sanchez performance from last night and she killed!!! so honored she chose my song! thanks mamaz and good luck!” she tweeted.


Various speculations have cropped up following Jessica’s almost elimination on “Idol,” with some quarters deeming that it was orchestrated to drum up the show’s ratings.

Judge Randy shared his thoughts in an interview with MTV, thus:

"Well, I think [America] thought she was safe. I think they thought she was safe, I'm sure, and I think they thought Joshua [Ledet] was safe because those two alone, with Colton [Dixon] and some of the others, have been the most consistent. So, you know, yeah, I think they just forgot,” said he.

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